Pop Ads Campaign(Mainstream Traffic)

How to build up a pop ads campaign?
 "campaign management"-"Create new campaign", choose pop

Currently support inventorys:

Pop ads use only 
campaign URL, you do not need to upload creatives for pop ads.
Pop ads campaign support only CPM bid type.
Pop ads campaign use your actual bid price to bid for the traffic, and we will charge you with your actual bid price.(Second price auction is not applied in pop ads campaign.) 

Due to internet connection etc.,there will be a loss from impression to landing page display.So the click will be lower then impression.
The attrition rate will be around 15%.
If you see more lost, please contact your AM or support.

Special campaign type allowed on Pop traffic

Admaven ExoClick Clickky Adcash    (non adult only) Ezmob Propellerads (non-adult only) Clickadu (coming soon) AdservME xapads
Tobacco products pending
Adult products or services pending
Alcohol pending
Dating  pending
Real money gambling √(expt US) √(expt US) pending
Lotteries  √(expt US) √(expt US) pending
Online pharmacies  pending
Supplements pending
Financial/Loan services  pending

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