Global Publisher List

Create your customized publisher list and you will be able to target your whitelist sites/apps or domains for each campaign.

1. Campaign Management -> Global Publisher List
Click "New Global Publisher List" on the right top corner

2. Name your list and target by either domain or app/site ID or bundle ID.
You will target all the app/site with the domain you input. One domain may matching with several apps/sites from different traffic sources.  

App/Site ID:
Copy app/site ID from Traffic Planning or campaign report and paste here.
*Start a new line when you input a new app/site name or domain.

Bundle ID
You can use bundle ID traced from our parameter {bundle ID}.

Seller ID:
You can find Seller IDs from the dimensional report or in the Inventory Control, then copy them here. 

You can put max 1000 lines in each list.
You can't change the list's type once it has been saved. For example, you've created an App/Site ID list, you can't change it to a Seller ID list.

3. When you update the new list, you will be able to activate or deactivate the list.

4. When creating a new campaign, choose Global Publisher List under Inventory Control. You can include or exclude the list you've already created.
You can choose up to 5 lists for 1 campaign.

You can include or exclude site/apps in dimension report directly.
However, if you edit your global publisher list, the campaign will target again according to the new list, optimization from dimension report will be lost.
6. How to exclude unknown domains?
1) Firstly to input "unknown" and other domain you want to exclude in your Global Publisher List when select domain dimension, the platform is processing "unknown" as a domain name 

2) You can "exclude" the file with unknown domain when setting inventory control->Select Apps/Sites/Sellers 

3) This method only suitable for excluding unknown domain or bundle, it won't work for App/SiteID or seller
7. How to exclude unknown sellers?
1) Input string "unknown","null","\n" in the list
2) exclude this file in Inventory Control
This way can only exclude seller id who are those 3, it can't assure to exclude all names are "unknown", "null" or "\n".

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