In-Stream Video Ads

How to create In-Stream Video Ads Campaign?

Go to "Create New Campaign"-> "In-Stream Video Ads Campaign"

Campaign Details
Input the campaign URL. 
 Notice: No deceptive ad, offensive ad, auto-download ad, auto-rediret ad. Please see more details on landing page policy.

Inventory Control
Choose inventory sources. 

Targeting section is the same as banner campaign.

Select your video file and upload it. We suggest you upload mp4 file less than 20M and prefer H.264 as the encoding way.

You can choose video duration from 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec. The video will be cut if it's longer than the duration. The start delay would be Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll. 


We also support VAST tag for uploading the video. We need you to assure no deceptive, auto-redirect, offensive, malware ad content in the video. If we found any ad violation, we will disable your VAST feature immediately.

Vast tag specifications:
  • In-Stream Video must be served using a linear VAST tag (pre-fetch tag).  Companion ads are ignored.
  • Non-Linear Video not supported.  
  • Only VAST 2.0 supported.
  • Maximum of two VAST wrappers allowed.
  • Only one creative per VAST tag is allowed. If there are multiple creatives, only the first one is picked and rest are ignored.
  • Must not have geo, device, or any other targeting on the third-party end.

Linear VAST Sample:
<VAST version="2.0">
    <Ad id="2728934">
                            <MediaFile delivery="progressive" height="480" width="640" type="video/mp4"></MediaFile>

If you got url from 3rd party system such as lkqd and Cedato,you can use VAST Tag URL to upload your tags. But please notice that if you need to add variables, please use mdsp variables, which you can get from the "Add URL Variables" link. The link in the screenshot is an example. For width and height, please replace "xxx" with the real number. please inform your AM or email to support if you have any issue.    

Finally, click on "Create Campaign" button!  


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