In-Banner Video Ads

How to create In-Banner Video Ads Campaign?
Go to "Create New Campaign"-> "In-Banner Video Ads Campaign"

Campaign Details
Input campaign URL. 
 Notice: No deceptive ad, offensive ad, auto-download ad, auto-rediret ad. Please see more details on landing page policy.

Inventory Control
Choose inventory sources. Currently we support 21 sources for In-banner Video Ads.

Targeting section is the same as banner campaign.

Select your video file and upload it. We suggest you upload file less than 10M. 

You can choose resolution from 300x250, 480x320, 320x480, and video duration from 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec. The video will be cut if it's longer than the duration.

Finally, click on "Create Campaign" button!

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