Native Ads

How to Create Native Ads Campaign?

Go to "Create New Campaign"-> "Native Ads Campaign"

Input the campaign URL.
 Notice: No deceptive ad, offensive ad, auto-download ad, auto-rediret ad. Please see more details on landing page policy.

For creatives: 
1. Input the App URL from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Click on "Get App Info".

You will see the icon image updated according to the App URL. 
Check the icon size for the inventory you want. 

Write the title and the description for anything you want to show on ad.
CTA text is the text that shows on the button.

After you save the creative, you will see the sample on the right. 
Please notice that the native ads forms will be not only limited to the samples we show you. Possible ad forms may vary according to different Apps.  

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