Avazu Mobile DSP S2S Tracking Setup

We currently accept server-to-server (S2S) tracking method. This document describes how to setup S2S tracking with Avazu Mobile DSP.

1.Add URL Variables. 

Please set the variable of subid behind landing page link that you use for the ad in the Campaign URL.

a.You can define the name of the variables according to your tracking system, which depends on your tracking system. Just ensure the meaning of your paramater in your tracking system should be the same as ours in URL Varibles.

b.The landing page link and variables should be connected by "/?", each parameter should be connected by "&". Please do not enter space or any other illegal characters. 

You can also add other variables from the URL Variables list. Kindly note {subid} is required for us to track the conversion.

2.Store Value of {subid}.

We will generate and pass the unique {subid} value to you through your landing page url while your ad is clicked by a user. Please store all these clickid and send back to us these clickid where conversion occurs.

3.Post Conversion Back.

Please request to the following postback URL by HTTP Get Method when a conversion occurs.

Conversion Postback URL

Payout Conversion Postback URL


NOTE:The postback url parameter depends on the tracking system you are using.For example,the unique subid is named as clickid in your tracking system.

                       Campagin URL: http://yourdomain.com/?clickid={subid}

                       Postback URL: http://mdsp.avazutracking.net/tracking/s2s.php?subid={clickid}

If you want do conversion tracking without failure, pls follow carefully above.

If you have any problem, please feel free to contact with your AM.


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