Creatives and Creative Guidelines

Supported creative types: jpg, png and gif.

Supported creative dimensions: 

   320x50, 300x100, 300x250, 315x300, 320x480, 216x36, 120x20, 160x600, 300x50, 480x80, 480x320, 480x800, 640x100, 640x960, 728x90, 768x1024, 960x640, 1024x768.

Creatives Auditing: Your creatives will be pending approval after they have been uploaded. While your creatives are pending, they will be rejected by our premium inventories automatically until they got approved. Creatives approvals will be done within 12 hours during working days. 

Creative Guidelines:

Campaigns must respect the guidelines of each exchange they are active bidding from. This creative policy is updated from time to time, and is effective as of the date written above. You are required to review it on a regular basis to ensure that your ad creatives and campaigns meet these guidelines. Failure to abide by the rules of this policy may lead to the suspension of your account.

Below are general guidelines:

General Guidelines


Only family-friendly creatives are allowed.
Creatives are not allowed to auto-load any video, web page or app.
No user prompts should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
No auto downloading of files should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
Creatives must be related to content of landing page.

Creatives cannot be deceptive or offensive.

Pop-up/under ads are not allowed.

Below are the wrong examples of the creatives:



Auto Redirect & Pop Up Ads

When a visit to a certain website or app automatically takes users to a platform’s app 

store to download various apps without him/her clicking on the banner, there is an 

autoredirection in place.

Pop-us/under ads are any windows, regardless of the content, that appear in addition 

to the original window, which automatically open when the user enters or leaves a 

landing page or app.

Malware Ads

Banners that lead to webpages which will ask the user to provide personal information and try to gather sensitive data, they usually display fake warnings to upgrade the applications. 


Deceptive ads contain the use of false misleading statements in advertising which may 

negatively affect consumers (advertising products from famous brands which are fraud). 


Landing Page Error Ad

Landing Page Error ad is the error produced when the landing page URL leads to HTTP Error 404 - Not Found.

File Download
File download ads will perform an automatic download when a user clicks on a banner expecting to be leaded to a landing page and often it starts downloading automatically without any user intervention.

Vertical Ads

Vertical ads are the campaigns promoting or containing links related to gambling, online 

casinos with payments involved, tobacco, alcohol, weapons and religion. 

The screenshots below show  Alcohol, Gambling and Religious banners. 

Offensive ads

Offensive ads are the creatives which either are/or contain the following:

• Inappropriate content for children

• Sexist

• Sexually Inappropriate/Porn

• Animal Cruel

• Racist

• Condoning violence


Specific Inventories Creative Guidelines:





MoPub is offering high quality traffic and the policy on creatives and landing pages are extremely strict. No exception on any banner or landing pages. Advertisers must follow the policy in the below link. We also highlight the most common mistakes below for you reference.


Banned Categories

MoPub strictly prohibited contents that may cause mislead or looks like operation systems.

Windows Dialog or Alert Style (e.g., any creative that a user might mistake for an OS- or application-level notification rather than an advertisement) This includes, but is not limited to, deceptive ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g., text boxes) and creatives that mimic buttons or icons that claim a functionality that is not there (e.g.,play, chat, wink, friends, search buttons

Auto-redirect ads–ads that automatically redirect the user without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch).

Ads that do not ask the user for permission before initiating any downloads/services/fees. This includes Click-to-Call and Click-to-Subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary landing page or other prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.

Wrong Practice:

1. Do not use lower battery sign to warn users that the battery runs out.

2. Do not use warning color such as red to make the frame of the creative. 

3. Do not use "Fix Now!" "Clean Now!" "Save your phone!" such words to warn users.

4. Please state the App name and its function clearly. Please use the correct logo that matches the landing page if you want.  

Do not use the mimic flashy button "Download". You can put "download" just as a word but not mislead the user to click as a button.

Do not use the number 3 with a red circle. This looks like a system notification, which is not allowed.

This creative doesn't clarify what it is promoting. It needs to put the app name and make the function more clear.

Do not use "Whatsapp" logo to promote your product, which is not the real whatsapp. If you want to promote a related app, such as whatsapp wallpaper, change the logo and clarify this is an ad for whatsapp wallpaper.

"Virus Remover" is not an advertiser name. 

"Download" button is not allowed.

1. Misleading ads:

2. Operation system look-alike ad:

3. Ads doesn't show clear intention of what is being promoted

Correct Practice:

Creatives must state clearly what app name is and what function this app has.

Creatives must state clearly for subscription ads that what the user will subscribe if they make any actions (such as click, input phone number). The banner must lead to a landing page which states clearly what the user will describe and offers them options to choose if they want to subscribe or not.

Creatives must strongly related to the landing page and what you are promoting. 


Good examples:


Google has strict policy on creatives and landing pages and will do auditing by itself. It usually takes 2-3 days to complete the auditing process.

Google has a strict regulation on landing page policy, please visit the link here:



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