Avazu DSP Shopping Ads App

What is Avazu DSP Shopping Ads App?
Avazu DSP Shopping Ads App is a plugin used for Shopify store owners update their products into Avazu DSP and to start their dynamic retargeting campaigns.

Avazu DSP (demand-side platform) is a technology-driven business unit of Avazu, focusing on offering advertisers a one-stop solution for real-time and data-driven display
advertising across all major exchanges and supplier-side platform worldwide. Visit Avazu DSP for more details.

Make it easier and effective to promote your products

Avazu DSP has released the Dynamic Retargeting Shopping Ads campaign for e-Commerce clients.

Simply begin with installing the app of Avazu DSP Shopping Ads at Shopify store, and do some basic settings at Avazu platform to start a new campaign. 
This new type of campaign could help the Shopify store owners to deliver their products ads, which using retargeting tech and generating dynamic creatives automatically to help your bussiness growth. For more details please visit Avazu Dynamic Retargeting Shopping Ads.

Quickly sync shopify products into Avazu DSP
Synic audiences' data (purchase, viewed or add to cart) before retargeting

How to use Avazu DSP Shopping Ads App?

Shopify Ads Plugin Install Method
To visit this link, there would be one Add Unlisted App button, please click button and install plugin based on the instruction

Log in with your Avazu DSP and passwords to connect . If you don't have, please register at first.


After finishing the installment, you will see all your products under Avazu DSP app. You can add and manage your products there.
If you go back your Avazu DSP account, you will see all of your products have been updated into Avazu DSP as well.  


If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact with your Account Managers for help or send mail to mdsp-support@avazu.net. 

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