Dynamic Retargeting Shopping Ads

We have released the Dynamic Retargeting Shopping Ads Campaign for e-Commerce clients. 
Using retargeting tech and generated dynamic creatives automaticly will help clients in e-commerce industry for bussiness growth.
Products creatives will be rendered to users who may have intention to take oders. In this case, the conversion rate of purchase will increase highly.

One example to explain how dynamic retargeting shopping ads campaign works.
  • When creating the dynamic shopping ads campaign,  you customized and targeted the audience group as viewed the product but not purchased for example. 
  • If user A viewed your product Y but not purchased for example. While she visits the website or app of our inventory source, our ssp partners will inform us bidding.
  • Once your campaign win the bid, the ad creative will be substituted into picture of product Y and deliver to the user A again finally.

How to create Dynamic Shopping Ads Campaign?

Before start creating campaign, you need to finish following two steps.
Step1:Active your permission. 
Please contact with your AM to active the permission of the Dynamic Shopping Ads Campaign if you are the first time to create this campaign.

Step2: Add products.
Add products before you start. Please install the plugin for your shopping store so that all products of your store will be added into Avazu DSP, you could check and manage in the interface of product manage.  Kindly note currentlywe can only support the plugin for Shopify. Check-out our other post Avazu DSP Shopping Ads Plugins for the details.

In addition,  you may run several shops. If you want to promote your products from your other shops,  repeat same operation of the steps above. 
After done the same settings,  all of your products in your Shopify store will update into Avazu DSP,  please check at the page of product management.( Your store name under Product Catalog and products types under Product Catagory.) 

Now you have done most of jobs for the dynamic shopping ads.  Please sequentially set up the information of Campaign Details , Inventory Control , Targeting and Creatives to create the campaign.

1. Filling up information of campaign details.
In this part, you need to set your campaign name, campaign URL, Budget(Total/Daily/Hourly), bid type, bid price and the other information which are neccessairy.

2. Inventory Control.
You could choose the inventory source where you want to get the traffic. Or include/exclude app/site by GPL(Global Publisher List).

Targeted the Day-parting, country, city, device type, OS and ISP/Carrier.
Specifically, you can chose to open the function of Custom Audience to display the ads of your products to your audience.
Audience group was based on users’behavior, which normally including:
a.Viewed or Added to Cart But Not Purchased
b.Added to Cart But Not Purchased
c.Upsell Products
d.Cross-sell Products

Attention: Product Catalog is the name of  your Shopify store. If you have added the products for several shops, you can chose only one shop for one campaign.

4.Manage your creatives.
After filling up the brand name, uploading the brand logo, editing text discription and CTA(call to action) text for your ads, you could preview the samples that how the ads creatives will be. Please select specific dimension for your creative. We can only support four size: 320x480,480x320,640x960,960x640.
Click URL is the landing page that will be delivered to users after clicked, you can chose the Product URL(the products' details page) or chose the Campagin URL( You filled in the beginning, we recommend you to set your store homepage as the campaign url).
While your campagin win the bid, the creative will be substituted into the products' ad which was most related with the user. 
For example,user A looked through the product Y,this user will see the ad of product Y.

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