CPI App/Site Targeting

For CPI campagin,you can target site under certain seller by using app/site targeting.
Different from normal campaign, you can target site under certain seller for CPI campagin.

For app/site targeting, only "exclude" is available, while you can realize "include" by inverse selection.  
1. Include seller /  include seller-exclude its site.
2.Exclude seller / exclude site.
3.Apply GPL 
  • for "include" only seller file is available
  • for "exclude", seller and site file  are both available 
4. Search by sellerid 

5. Search by siteid

6. Include/exclude operation in conversion report for seller and site are no longer contradictory any more

7. Interface for agency account is adaptive to its background setup 


Note and suggestion for API clients:
For API, only include/exclude on app/site level is available.And for CPI campiagns, clients can only exclude app/site, not include. That is to say, include/exclude on seller level isn't doable.
We suggest our API clients to target on app/site level in the beginning, so there won't be conflict in future optimization via API.  

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