Banner Ads Campaign(Mainstream Traffic)

How to create a mobile banner campaign? 

Step 1:
Start with "Create New Campaign" , chose "Banner Ads" and click  "Create campaign" to the next page. 

Step 2:
Please sequentially set up the information of Campaign DetailsInventory Control Targeting and Creatives  .
a.Campaign Details: Please set campaign name,campaign url,campaign category ect. 
b.Inventory Control: In this part, you can select the inventory that you prefer.
c.Targeting : You can set the condition of targeting, which will help ad display tarwards the most related audience.
d.Creatives : Please select the banner image file and upload as well as seting the name and url of banner creative. Clicking the botton  of create campain,  you will succeed in creating a new banner ads campagin soon. Besides,if you want to set up several banner creative, just click the button“+Add another”to start.       

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