Campaign pacing

When you want control the speed of advertising , you can use the function of campaign pacing .
Click "Campaign"->"Details"

In this field , you can choose the delivery type,which is eager bidding and consistent bidding. Generally ,the default is eager bidding, and if necessary ,it can be changed to consistent bidding.
  • Eager bidding is use for bidding on all the traffic that is accessible.For this type,you can biding faster, however,  you maybe reach the budget soon and only get traffic in a few sites.
  • Consistent Bidding is use for our pacing algorithm to consistent bid in one day.campaign pacing is a function that allows clients to ensure their money is spending smoothly during the lifetime, this is to avoid too much money is spending very fast once the campaign is active in the very beginning.
    The process between this function is the system calculates the probability of bidding every 5 minutes according to the spending of last 5 minutes.
The following are conditions and solutions that will affect the effect of consistent bidding:
1. Your bid price might be too low or audience too narrow.Please set a suggested bid price and competitive target audiences. 
2. Frequently change you daily budget or bid price.Our pacing algorithm needs to adjust the bid strategy based on the latest bid price and daily budget which takes time ,if you have to change these parameters,limit yourself to 2~3 times a day and only the early part of the day.

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