Q: Where to learn about Avazu Mobile DSP?
A : please click here.

Q: What is the Third Party Creatives?
A: you can input AD URL directly without having to upload the AD to the server.

Q: What are kinds of creatives?
A: Creative format: jpg, png, and gif.
     Creative size: 320x50, 300x250, 320x480, 216x36, 120x20, 300x50, 480x80, 480x320, 480x800, 640x960, 728x90, 768x1024, 960x640, 1024x768
      For more details ,click here .

Q: What are the creative review status?
A: Audit Status: Pending,Approved (limited),ApprovedRejected.
 Avazu mDSP platform should be strictly adhered to the requirements of each traffic source.more click here.
when the creative is bidded with the advertising campaign,the base status is pending, the system will quickly adjust the creative to Approved(limited)status,namely, automatic block the flow source which has strict audit requirements, such as InMobi, Flurry, TapSense, Smaato, MoPub and so on.
And then our auditor decide whether to allow fully release (Approved (statu).Meanwhile, we will check at any time,non-compliance creative can be rejected.

Q:How to intelligently audit creatives which have been used?
A: All uploaded to mDSP platform creatives and the first time auditing status that passed will store to creative library automatically, if the same creative upload again(no matter the file name,campaign put on, area and other setting whether the same, or different user/account using the same ideas and so on)the creative can directly use the last audit status rather than artificial audit(for example, last audit results exclude inmobi, then upload again ,it also rule out inmobi and directly put .)

In this way ,it increase the speed of creative auditing,especially it is convenient for the creative audit efficiency of clone campaign.

It is worth emphasizing that the automatic auditing status of a creative re-upload is determined by its recent audit status.If the auditing policy changes,the original review will be audited by the latest policy, and the status of the creatives will be also changed. This is will affect  the creative of all the past and the future, and even after the previous paused campaign reopen,the creative in the campaign will also automatically delivery by the latest status.

Q: How to know the creatives have been approved?
A: uses will receive emails from mDSP system when the creatives upload successfully or update auditing status.For example, upload a creative successfully, the default initial status is "Approved limited" ,the user will receive the email regard to this creative.After manual auditing,whether the status is still determined as "approved limited",or add/reduce the traffic source ,the user will receive the email again ,indicating the updated information of the audit result.

Q: What is the difference between a creative bidding status and auditing status?
A: Bidding status: Running/Paused ,which is control by users.
    Audit Status : Pending/Approved(limited)/Approved/Rejected,which is audited by mDSP.

Q: What kind of idea is better?
A: 1,Generally speaking,it is recommended to do some dynamic creatives(.gif),which is better than the static one.
     2, Having an app store or a googleplay logo is more likely to win users´trust.
     3,Prompts users click ,such as download button.
     4, In the terms of size,320*250 is the most widely used,but it can also make some full-screen ads.If the condition permits,it is better to perfect all the sizes,because some of the sizes may not be suitable,but the corresponding bidding is also small ,which may be better.
    5,When making creatives,pay attention to the rules of creativity and the different sizes of different channels.

Q: Are there any repeat traffic problem?
A: Each presentation is unique in time and space, so there will be no repeat traffic problem.

Q: Do you support direct download bidding?
A: NO.

Q: Why is there only a certain amount of inventory source delivering traffic?
A: (1)the volume size of the traffic source makes the bidding results different.
    (2)The user selects a target that is more consistent with a traffic source so the amount is more.
     (3)Some of the inventories have higher requirements for creative auditing,so some creatives can not be put on these sources.
     (4)Currently,there are quit strict requirements for creative auditing: InMobi,Flurry ,Smaato and TapSense, After the creative submission ,these inventory refuse to be released by default,and they will be audited by the mDSP to decide whether to bid.
      (5)Some inventory are relatively high on price and creative requirements,such as TapSense,which is currently full screen and plaque advertising,the sizes as :320*480,480*320,640*960,728*1024,960*960,1024*768.

Q: Can you apply for a refund if your balance is not expended?
A: we do not support the refund currently.

Q: What is the meaning for these noun?
A: seller, it is include inventory ,such as Smaato Sellers,which is a subordinate channel of the inventory ,some are transparent,some are not ,and can be displayed and optimized in the setting of the campaign and optimization report.

Q: What is Learning Rate?
A: That is the proportion of data that the system is used to analyze the optimization plan in each campaign is the proportion of the overall data of the campaign.The user can adjust the campaign´s Learning Rate in the Account Details.Avazu mDSP platform for optimization mechanism is part of the system based on the campaign data analysis and machine learning  optimization scheme, and then put the scheme is applied to the campaign and other data on the outside part.

The Learning Rate has the following characteristics :
1,Only the bidding way that sets the optimized target.(Bid Type choose CPM optimized towards a eCPC or CTR or eCPA,not CPM).so when the user choose one of the three way ,Learning Rate has actual significance.
2,This part of the data used for system analysis will not be optimized toward eCPC/CTR/eCPA, but only based on the CPM  bidding price set by the user.

For example,a campaign sets Bid type is CPM optimized towards an eCPA, CPM price=0.1, eCPA goal=0.3,then learning rate=25%. Then the system will bid CPM as 0.1 for 25% of this campaign .automatically calculate the optimization scheme of eCPA = 0.3, and applied to the other 75% of the data,  or 75% of the data is eCPA target optimization for bidding.

Q: What is Beacon URL?How to use Beacon URL?
A: Beacon URL is use for tracking Ad impression, just suit for these users who own tracking system.After these users set Beacon URL ,they can see impression in own tracking system.

Q: How to use automate fanction?

More question,please check mDSP knowledgebase, or submit your question , click the right side of the page to Contact the customer service to commuicate with us.

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