CPI Bidding Report

Click Campaign Management->Manage Campaign

In the Campaign list,included "I"is the CPI bidding campaign,we can view campaign report by the corn of right hand .

You can check your CPI bidding report by click on "Reporting"->"CPI Bidding Report"

See your campaign results for different dimensions by clicking "Get Report".
              1. Run the report of any period you want. 
              2. See the overview performance of the campaign you selected.
              3. Check custom date graphs of all data.

Dimensional Report

1.You can choose any dimension(Campaign,Country,Inventory Source,Inventory Sellers, Inventory Apps/Sites...) .
2.By clicking on the dimensions (Clicks,Conversions,CR ,eCPA,Spending...),you can get the result in descending order of this dimension.And if you click again, it will go ascending.
3.On the right side,you can find tick box to exclude particular apps/sites that bring unsatisfied traffic.
4.Download the report when you want.


1. If you want to exclude Apps/Sites in the report, please leave Seller in Inventory Control as default,namely select all.
2.Once you exclude in Apps/Sites dimension, you can't do "include/exclude" in Seller dimension any more. Vice versa. 
3. If you have done "exclude" in the site dimension, to edit seller in Inventory Control will influence your targeting. 

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