Common Reasons for No/Decreased Traffic


1.      Check start and end date.

2.      Check campaign status running/pause.

3.      Automated rule too strict/over optimization.



1. No balance left.

2. Run out of budget (total, daily, hourly, check system alert).

3. Regular CPM bidding campaign: CPM bid too low, include optimized goal too high (native>banner, in-stream video start from $3, Developed geo >developing geo, big banner size>small banner size, check eCPM as well as bid price).

4. CPC bidding campaign: CPC bid too low (platform will pause traffic for the day, so check system alert)

5. aNative CPI bidding campaign: CPA bid too low. Client cannot edit price, have to clone a new campaign.



1. Day parting setting.

2. Small geo.

3. Too specific to cities.

4. IAB categories (not all traffic has category tag, so traffic will be limited).

5. Small carrier or ISP.

6. Small IP range.

7. Limited valid device ID in device ID list.

8. Gender: Very few traffic has gender info.

9. Target OS & device brand simultaneously, e.g. iOS& Apple.

10: Language: refer to system language of device, traffic will be limited.

11. Browser targeting.

12. Inventory type: Web/App.

13. Global Publisher list, APP/site ID can only get traffic within inventory (Id will be different for the same app/site in other inventory), Bundle ID& Domain can buy traffic cross inventory.



1. Inventories do not have traffic with current targeting (geo, OS etc.)Check traffic planning.

2. Inventories or white list sites stopped traffic (check traffic planning & check with AM).

3. Some sites in white list campaign stopped traffic (check with AM).

4. Too much optimization (exclude too many things in cross dimension optimization).

5. The Win rate of the campaign is very high but the traffic is not much.

Q: What is the Win Rate in the reporting data means?

A: Win Rate (bid success rate) means among all the bidding competition a campaign participates, The rate that it wins ( first compete and win on Avazu DSP platform over other campaigns, then compete and win over bids from other DSPs).

Only after the campaigns already won the bidding competing with other campaigns on Avazu DSP, then the Win Rate is calculated. That said, a win rate of 90% doest mean one has won 90% traffic at all. The formula is:the total number of impressions a campaign has won divided by the total number of impressions the campaign bids with other DSPs. i.e.: a campaign bidding 100 times along with other DSPs , the successful auction is 60 times, the Win Rate is 60%.


1.      Increase bid price for the campaign to win more bidding competing with other campaigns on Avazu DSP, then it will have chance to bid and win more traffic competing with other DSPs.

2.      If the bid price is already high, expand targeting dimensions in order for the campaign to participate more in bidding. If one doesn’t want to change traffic setting, then increase frequency (to bid and win more frequently); add more creative sizes; cancel narrow dimensional targeting setting; add more inventories targeting etc.



1. Banner sizes do not fit most traffic of current targeting (common size: 320*50,300*250,320*480,480*320, check traffic planning) or correct size banner is paused.

2. Native campaign do not have icon size match inventory or the correct icon size is paused.

3. Banner auditing status rejected by particular inventories.



1.      Check advertiser auditing if particular inventory is blocked.

2.      Campaign URL auditing status rejected by particular inventories.


Note:  for aNative campaign, if CR is too low, campaign will pause for the day.

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