Rewarded Video Ads Campaign

Rewarded video ads give users the choice to engage with ads that offer an additional in-app reward such as an in-game resource or lives for a game.

How to create Rewarded Video Ads Campaign?

Go to "Create New Campaign"-> "Rewarded Video Ads Campaign"  

Campaign Details
Input the campaign URL.
 Notice: No deceptive ad, offensive ad, auto-download ad, auto-redirect ad.
             Store URL,Brand Name,APP Name is the newly added field,and Store URL,Brand Name is required by some inventory for campaign auditing.
              You should complete all the space with"*". 
              Please see more details on landing page policy.

Inventory Control
Select inventory sources. 
Currently we support AvazuGameAd, BIDSWITCH and VMAX,
Select Apps/Sites/Sellers.

Targeting section is the same as banner campaign.

Select your video file and upload it. We suggest you upload mp4 file less than 20M. 

You can choose resolution from 300*250, 320*320, 320*480, 480*320 etc. 

We also support VAST tag for uploading the video. We need you to assure no deceptive, auto-redirect, offensive, malware ad content in the video. If we found any ad violation, we will disable your VAST feature immediately. 
  1. VAST Tag Requirements:
    1. Rewarded video must be served using a linear VAST tag (pre-fetch tag). Companion ads are ignored. Non-Linear Video not supported.
    2. Only VAST 2.0 supported.
    3. Must not have geo, device, browser, or any other targeting on the third-party ad server.
    4. Maximum of two VAST wrappers allowed.
  2. Suggestions:
    Video Format: mp4
    Video Duration: 15~30s
    Video File Size: Max 5MB
    Delivery: progressive
    Bit rate: 300~600Kbps
     Video Encoding: H.264

 Finally, click on "Create Campaign" button!  

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