CPI Bidding Ads

If you are going to purchase CPI Biding, start with creating new campaign ->CPI Bidding Ads.

Create New Campaign

In put your campaign URL, add our parameter {subid} and set postback URL to post back your conversion. 
Please do our conversion test before your active your campain.
You may add our parameter to track site ID.

Set your Total Budget and Daily Budget.
Set your CPI price, note that you CANNOT edit your price once the campaign is built.
Your price will affect your traffic volume, so please set a reasonable price to get enough traffic.
Target your seller.
We support all native publisher from Avazu CPI Biding.

Target GEO, DeviceTye,OS and OS Version.

Upload your creative: 
Input your APP link from Google Play store or iTunes.
Please note you can only upload 1 creative:

Click on "create campaign".
Please note:
There will be discrepancy on your budget. You might spend over the budget your set.
Because there will be delay on the conversion post back, therefore, the spend based on conversion amount will be delayed as well.

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