PAX (Private Ad Exchange)

Avazu Mobile DSP PAXPrivate Ad Exchangeis a technology integration solution for publishers to sell mobile traffic.

How to become PAX client
1. Apply for an agency accountcontact your account managersign the contract to become PAX client.

a.If you use agency account only to use PAXwe will NOT charge you the service cost.
b.If you want to use PAX as well as the sub account function, the fee will be $1000 monthly.

2.We will send you the API file for integration.

 We have two ways to integrate: S2S or C2S. Please check the API documents and let us know which one you want to work with.
Please develop on your end according to our API. Put your publisher id, publisher name, and your corresponding app/site id and app/site name into your each ad request. You can name these ids and names as you want.
When your development is completed, we will provide the endpoint to you to have a test on sandbox.
Check the numbers of impressions and spending.
We will provide a new endpoint to you to have a live test.
Check the numbers of impressions and spending again.
When the test is completed, the traffic will be available to all the advertisers that you give access to.

3.You can sell your traffic  after integration. 

Available inventories

PAX inventory: your sub account can only buy traffic you sell.

3rd party inventoriesyour sub account can only buy traffic from our platform.

All invnetoriesyour sub account can buy traffic from both sides.

Default creative optional

Set default creative for the traffic you want to sell.

Default creative will shown when there is no win bid.

You can set different floor price for your different sites.

This function is optional.

 You can see your report in “Dashboard” “publisher report”.

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